Why do you need our consulting service before going to China?

Save your time: Travel planning often takes a lot of time, especially to a destination where they have a different language and culture. Our consulting services can filter out useful parts from a vast amount of travel advice, saving you valuable time.

Customized travel: All our travel plans are based on your needs to maximize your satisfaction. We never make two identical travel plans.

Unique itineraries: China is a big country. Most travel agencies only lead foreign tourists to visit landmarks such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and so on. However, there are many places with spectacular views that only few people know. We can provide you with more in-depth travel advice and help you discover a different China.

Exceptional dining: We find the most delicious food for you from Michelin restaurants to street shops. Even if you are not used to Chinese food, we can still find some tasty western restaurants for you.

Travel like a local: Travel not only from the perspective of a traveler, but also live like a local and explore the lifestyle there.

Is China safe for tourists?

The answer is YES!

Personal and property safety


China has invested a lot to make visitors feel safe in order to keep bringing more tourists to the country.  Chinese law prohibits citizens from holding guns, so you don’t need to worry about gun shots in China. The country has a very low murder rate, similar to the UK or Canada, and less than half that of the US. However, you may still need to pay attention to road traffic accidents and take care of your valuables.



China has a relatively sound health care system. The main risks are gastrointestinal problems caused by different eating habits (i.e. in some parts of China people love extremely spicy food which some people maybe can’t stand). Also, some people may have altitude sickness when they go to areas over 2500 meters (8200 ft). We recommend that you take health records with you during travel. 


We recommend that you report health conditions to us so we can develop a more detailed health protection plan for you. We will use commercial-level measures to keep your information confidential and destroy your health information as soon as the trip is completed. (See more in Private Policy)



When Lost or in Difficulty

Call 110 to police for help.  China's 4G network is very developed so you don't need to worry about your phone having no signal. The police in China are generally very friendly and happy to help you.

About Visa

In most situations, you need to obtain a valid visa before going to China. However, in some cases, you may suitable for visa free policy:


             Visa free Policy: China implements a 24-hour, 72-hour or 144-hour visa-free entry policy for                                         citizens of certain countries and entering China from some specific ports.


Click here for more information about Chinese Visa. You may also contact us for consultation.


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